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Cyclists’ Battle of Waterloo

Tomorrow is the ride affectionately known as “The Battle of Waterloo” by participants in the Upstate Winter Bicycle League. It is a 106 mile out and back starting in Greenville turning around in Waterloo, SC. Riders are told to expect about five and a half hours on the bike.

Hope I am ready for it. It really hasn’t been that bad of a week for my legs. I just haven’t had any long periods on the bike. Sunday I ended up doing some spinning in the evening. Monday the same. Tuesday was a fun and intense hour long ride in Cleveland Park. Wednesday was a pretty good work out session on the trainer. Thursday was an over and back of Paris Mountain.

My ride over the mountain was encouraging and discouraging at the same time. I left my house near Bob Jones University and made it over the mountain to Old Buncombe in about 40 minutes. The climb up to the KOM was 13 minutes. That means I’m about a minute off of my personal best from last season.

I think that is a good thing considering I’m still in the “off season.” I averaged 10.13 mph up the 2.2 mile climb. My average watts was 288. At 168 pounds, I’d love to know what wattage I would have to average to make the climb in under 12 minutes. I really hope my training this year will finally allow me to go sub-twelve minutes.

I’ll need all the wattage I can get tomorrow! I know the Hincapie Development Team will be there. The GlobalBike (old Carolina Triathlon Metro) guys will also include the ride in their weekend camp. Some of those fellows are pretty excited about their camp and might be feeling froggy!

My plan is to give it a go on the Todd Quarters road sprint. My hope is to get all the sprints in the league on video. The only two I don’t have are that one and the Dunklin Bridge sprint. I figure I can get the later one next week. So, after the first sprint I’ll sit up and take it easy. I will definitely NOT be joining a breakaway early in the Golf Course sprint!

Hope to see you there! Look for a ride report and video here at LowCadence.com.