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Strava Segment: Paris Mountain

When it comes to Strava segments, Paris Mountain is iconic. As I have ridden about capturing video for these installments this is the one I wanted to do first, but the one I feared to do most. Finally, I just had to decide that if it was going to happen I couldn’t wait until the perfect time. No attempt up the mountain is perfect because I always want to climb it faster.

The Paris Mountain segment is what a segment should be. It isn’t a quick and done effort. Trying to team time trial up might give you a little help pacing. A bunch of average riders can take the time from a good single rider on a flat stage, but a good single rider can out climb a group of average riders.

For this particular attempt, I knew I would come nowhere near the KOM (Nathan English at 8:52). I knew I couldn’t beat my PR (11:24 in the pre-Strava era and 11:51 on Strava). Climbing in 12:30 is now considered an exceptional attempt for me. However, I needed something for which to aim. So, I set my goal to climb during this video at an average of 310 watts. Based on my current FTP, that seemed reasonable and would have me climbing the road in 13:36.

How did I arrive at that? Well, I won’t go into it here. You can read more details in my post where I talk about the climbing formula: watts = (kg*9.8*e/t)+(kg*9.8*e/t)*r. I’ll just say that I ended up making the climb in 13:06 by averaging 322 watts. I’m thinking I’m headed for some low 12 minute climbs this season.

Anyway, enjoy the video. I know it is long and that does not make for very compelling viewing. However, I threw in some extra footage of a following rider and a split screen view showing some of the downhill from both a front and rear camera view. I hope that will make it worth it.

Thanks for reading and thanks for watching!

Video and wattage

Here is some video from the River Falls road race of the 2009 Greenville Spring Training Series. I’m sorry there aren’t more angles and more categories covered. My concentration was more on my own race. Even so, there are a good number of the starts included, so you might see yourself in there.

I got a chance to look at my power readings for the race. Funny, I almost always have a higher overall wattage average from my typical “training” ride than I do from a race. Here is a comparison:

River Falls: Entire – 173 watts / 5s – 784 / 10s – 666 / 5m – 280 / 20m – 229

Last Ride: Entire – 181 watts / 5s – 652 / 10s – 467 / 5m – 280 / 20m – 242

What I take from that is race situations actually allow you to conserve your energy much more than just going out to ride by yourself. If you are riding alone and pushing yourself, you most likely are going to be able to put out less energy for the race — saving it for the time you really need it.

Hope all of you heading out to Donaldson Center tonight have a great time. I will not be able to join you, but I’m looking forward to getting out there soon. If anyone wants to send it a report from the evening, I would love to publish it here. Just send it on!