Zwift Teams

There is a lot of talk about teams right now in the Zwift Riders Facebook group. This page is an attempt to start organizing the teams. Think of an organization such as USA Cycling. To get started, we need to create the teams. If you are interested in starting a team, fill out this form.

This is just a start. Should someone else have a better idea or mechanism for making this happen, I will be glad to hand over the information collected here (but only with the consent of those providing it) to help build that system.

Create your Zwift team

  • Team/Club Leader

    This is the person who will be managing the team/club rosters. Email is required so that notification can be given of when a new members request is received.
  • Team/Club Information

    Teams are focused more on competitive racing. Clubs are focused more on social rides.
  • This should be a relatively short acronym that can be appended to the Zwift username for each member of the team.
  • Where can people go to hangout with teammates? Enter the URL of a website or Facebook group, etc.