I Do It For ___ Cycling Club

I Do It For FoundationTeam I Do It For rides to bring awareness to the I Do It For Foundation. The foundation supports inspiring individuals who are facing a disease or need by raising money and rallying a network of support around them. We provide digital tools for organization, promotion and fundraising. 100 percent of the money raised in each project goes to the INSPIRATION, with no administrative fees or charges. Club members are encouraged to find their own INSPIRATION and become a DOER by creating their own I Ride For ____ campaign.

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Club Type

  • Open

Strength Rating

  • C/B/A
 Club Roster

  1. Jonathan Pait (Manager)
  2. Tim Wyrick
  3. Jesse Bennett
  4. Christopher Heng
  5. Julynn Washington
  6. Amy Riley
  7. Karissa Minn
  8. Kev Wells
  9. Ken Bitting
  10. Bhoj Rai
  11. John Mora
  12. Marty White
  13. James Baggott
  14. Michele Reimer
  15. Anabel Meade
  16. Wes Briant
  17. Mark Thompson
  18. Tony Funderburk
  19. Brad Kilian
  20. Megan Schroer
  21. Rob Payne
  22. Bjorn De Vriendt
  23. Aaron Davis
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