TLC-riderIDIFRBF-logoSeptember, 14 2013
Memphis, TN


Active sports. It is a way of life for many of us. Whether it is for competition or recreation; running, cycling and triathlon disciplines add a welcome and needed dimension to our lives. We are made better by our involvement in them.

Love for others. Most all of us know of someone we love who is facing a trial — whether it be sickness or financial need due to tragedy. We wonder how we can help them. We are made better when we find a way.

I Do It For Foundation. Team Low Cadence brings this love for active sports and love for others together. By supporting the I Do It For Foundation, TLC makes it possible for individuals to use the tools provided by the foundation to support loved ones in need emotionally and financially.


Team Low Cadence News

2.23.2013 – Team Low Cadence is now helping I Do It For Foundation support the following projects: I Run for the Kithomes, I Ride for Ben, and I Skate for Todd Lurtey.

2.18.2013 – You can now donate to I Do It For using the Donate button in the sidebar of the pages within this site! Give today!

2.16.2013 – We have updated our team application page. We have simplified the process to better separate the various disciplines. Starting today there is a minimum donation requirement to join the cycling team. The triathlon donation requirement will be waived until March 1, 2013.