The battle continues

With the start of Challenge to Conquer Cancer ride now nearly a month in the past and the miles behind us, it is easy for me to “check it off” as one goal complete. I tend to place finished goals on the shelf and start focusing on the next one. It is good for me to be reminded that the ride isn’t over. The goal didn’t end when I dismounted my bike.

All in one place

I figured I would go ahead and combine all the videos of the week in one place for archive sake. So, below are all the videos you may have seen last week during the Palmetto Peloton Project’s Challenge to Conquer Cancer ride. Then again, you may have missed one. Check them out.


You don’t realize how much emotion you invest in something like the Challenge to Conquer Cancer ride until it is over. The ride was physically taxing, but more than that it was emotional. Emotional because of the dynamics of seven people being crammed in a KIA minivan with luggage – and occasionally a bicycle. Emotional because of the realization of the cause for which we rode.


As the days pass and the Palmetto Peloton Project’s Challenge to Conquer Cancer ride gets closer, I can feel the momentum building within the team – and within me. I can tell that the ride is starting to have the correct effect on me because of my maturing view of the ride. This year’s event will be more meaningful than ever.


One of the incredible things I benefited from by participating in last year’s Palmetto Peloton Project’s Challenge to Conquer Cancer ride was to hear the stories of many surviors who have fought cancer and won. It was also an exercise of my compassion as we would stop at various restaurants and gas stations along the way and have total strangers open up to their own battles once they learned of our mission. Certainly, while we ride there are people on our hearts for whom we ride.

If you enjoy, join my fight

There are less than thirty days before the Palmetto Peloton Project Challenge to Conquer Cancer ride leaves from Greenvile, SC to Austin, TX. I agreed to go on the ride soon after finishing last year’s first ever attempt for the project. It was a wonderful experience, but I have to admit that my focus has been on other things.